The History of the Flavours Awards

The Flavours of Herefordshire Awards in its 14th year celebrates the best of food and drink in the county. The awards scheme was set up prior to the Foot & Mouth disease in 2001 using European funding. The sole aim was to encourage, recognise and award local restaurants, pubs, hotels, cafes and bed & breakfasts that used and promoted products from local suppliers/producers.

Over the years, the Award categories have been developed and restructured alongside the diverse businesses within the county, in order to sustain the future of the industry and enable the scheme to grow year on year.

Today, a more diverse range of businesses take part, and the 2013 winners were announced at the Flavours Awards Gala Dinner held on Saturday 2nd February 2013 at Lyde Court in Herefordshire. Winners details can be found on the Award Winners page.

It was all change for 2013! The first of the categories launched was the Best Steak award, which was open to any business that sells, produces or rears the best ribeye steak Herefordshire has to offer.

The Young Chef categories were open to any chef in industry aged between 16 & 23 or in full time education aged between 16 & 21.

The Best Herefordshire Food & Drink Product, was a completely new category, open to any producer or enterprise that wishes to submit a product that exemplifies everything that is good about Herefordshire.

To include all eating out establishments such as Hotels, Pubs, Restaurants, Inns, Bed & Breakfasts and Cafes, the Flavours of Herefordshire acknowledged the different style and aspirations in which food is served in the county and have created Simply Herefordshire and Gourmet Herefordshire categories.

To capture all of our retail outlets, retailers or shops (including Farmers Markets), the Best of Herefordshire display had been arranged during the month of September.

The new Beef up your Butcher category is a public nomination, open to anyone who wishes to support their local butcher within the county.

Please note that the 2013 Flavours Awards have now closed.