Volunteer for the Festival

2012 saw 32,000 people enjoying the Festival over the two days, with many returning for a second bite of the cherry on the Sunday. An event such as this can only take place with the support of volunteers – our very own ‘Festival Makers’.

We are looking to recruit volunteer stewards to help in a number of ways in 2013 and would be delighted if you, your family, friends and organisation(s) could assist us in showing a cheerful, friendly and informative face at the Festival.

We are looking for volunteer stewards to help with the following:


- Promotion of Festival in Hereford Farmers Market 2-3 weeks prior to Festival – hand out flyers, ‘talk it up’, be excited!
- Admin support week prior to Festival
- 31st October-1st November – blow up stash of red balloons
- 1st November – erect signage in town around Festival sites


- Tying balloons around Festival sites and collecting at end of day
- Promoting the workshops, exhibitions, activities etc. available
- Signposting, general enquiries, location enquiries
- Programme, information and map distribution
- Assisting Safety Stewards in monitoring visitor flow into and out of marquees
- Ticket sales and collection for Celebrity Theatre
- Assisting with children’s activities
- Distributing stickers to visitors (for counting purposes)
- Undertaking short questionnaires with visitors for research purposes

This year we are really pleased to offer training and certification in Level 2 Spectator Safety to all of our volunteers. If this is of interest to you, please let us know. This will be provided free of charge and involve potential volunteers undertaking training a couple of evenings (or at weekends) with some observation undertaken during the Festival.

Even if this is not for you, we will ask volunteers to attend short pre-festival training which includes fire, health and safety and spectator safety training. Visit Herefordshire employ Safety Stewards and so we do not ask volunteer stewards to deal with disorderly behaviour or hazardous situations – this is the role of the Safety Stewards.

We would anticipate needing approximately 30-40 volunteers at any one time with 3 ‘shifts’ through each day, from around 9.15 – 4.45.

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